Power in Pakistan has been shared equally by the politicians and the military. We all know that the establishment influence over political governments has always been there even when it has not been directly in power. A fact not one straightforward Pakistani can deny.
My question is :- Are the politicians solely responsible for all that is wrong with Pakistan?
In my opinion a nation gets what it deserves. We have our independence since 1947 but we Pakistanis have not been able to handle it as a nation should handle its independence and sovereignty.
We are far from being a nation in the true sense of that term. We are a bunch of people of so many varying ethnicities, speaking so many different languages, adhering to so many different religious sects and so on.
We are a bunch of people divided on grounds such as political affiliations, ethnicities etc and now even on gender basis.
This bunch of people as a whole have NOT yet gelled or come together as a nation. Most of us are indifferent as long as it is hunky dory for us. Who cares as long as I am good and enjoying life. Rest be damned.
The day this bunch of people cements as a nation and what matters to this bunch of people then is Pakistan and it’s well being all else will fall in place. Simple as that.
So far leaders and people alike have handled this independence for themselves not for PAKISTAN.
I hope someday the leaders and the led realize it all and come together as one solid rock.
March 10, 2020

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