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I wish to say to the eternal pessimists within Pakistan, to all those whose belief in Pakistan’s future has dampened as well as to those, within and outside Pakistan, who have toiled hard to destroy Pakistan from within that Pakistan’s future is extremely bright. No amount of sponsored or indigenous disorders will ever be able to even dent Pakistan’s sovereignty and integrity

Ref: http://www.sharifpost.com/2014/04/18/rinvigorating-pakistan-and-the-pakistani-dream-a-proposed-speech-for-the-prime-minister-of-pakistan/

Those that do not shut down within a period of 45 days from now will have to face the new Pakistan’s iron fist. It will then not only be the local cells that will be destroyed and deactivated but steps like Pakistan being forced to sever diplomatic relations with the sponsoring country may also be taken. No consequence can ever be of more significance than the need for Pakistan to preserve its own peace, sovereignty and integrity. Besides, Pakistani blood is no longer going to be allowed to spill on Pakistani streets.

Ref: http://www.sharifpost.com/2014/04/18/rinvigorating-pakistan-and-the-pakistani-dream-a-proposed-speech-for-the-prime-minister-of-pakistan/

Pakistan will always stand for peace and tranquility amongst nations it will respond to any act of violence against itself, covert or overt, in a manner that, thereafter, none will dare to violate Pakistan’s sovereignty ever again. Here onwards any state or non-state actors that plan to harm Pakistan in any way must be ready for that Pakistani response that has thus far, for some odd reasons, been held back

Reinvigoration Of Pakistan And The Pakistani Dream – Proposed Speech For The Prime Minister of Pakistan