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Pakistan is here to stay and will, from this moment onwards, move from strength to strength, till the world around it recognizes it as a completely sovereign, dignified, self-respecting, honorable, progressive and prosperous Islamic Welfare State that respects these very attributes of all the nations of the world i.e. from the weakest country to the only super power

Ref: http://www.sharifpost.com/2014/04/18/rinvigorating-pakistan-and-the-pakistani-dream-a-proposed-speech-for-the-prime-minister-of-pakistan/

We need the world’s good wishes and support for the strong resolve in the new Pakistan to be a vibrant, peaceful, progressive, prospering and friendly Islamic Welfare State. Pakistan, on its part, makes a promise to the world that it will strive hard to be a useful and productive member of the comity of nations. Pakistan intends to spearhead the South Asian economy in the coming days

Ref: http://www.sharifpost.com/2014/04/18/rinvigorating-pakistan-and-the-pakistani-dream-a-proposed-speech-for-the-prime-minister-of-pakistan/