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Baluchistan is close to every single Pakistani heart. Pakistan will pay special attention towards the development and achievement of peace and tranquility in Balochistan. We shall initiate actions that will bring the Baluchi sense of deprivation to an end. This is a solemn pledge being made to the people of Baluchistan by the emerging and new Pakistan. If Pakistan has to develop Baluchistan has to be its stepping stone towards that development. In other words Pakistan can develop only if Baluchistan develops at a fast pace

Ref: http://www.sharifpost.com/2014/04/18/rinvigorating-pakistan-and-the-pakistani-dream-a-proposed-speech-for-the-prime-minister-of-pakistan/

I want to say to them all that Pakistan is destined to soon be on the road to development, progress and prosperity and that it shall all be wrapped in a blanket of peace, harmony and tranquility

Ref: http://www.sharifpost.com/2014/04/18/rinvigorating-pakistan-and-the-pakistani-dream-a-proposed-speech-for-the-prime-minister-of-pakistan/

Exploitation of the weak and the downtrodden Pakistanis by those who are powerful is actually what is stopping Pakistan from progressing. The State has to step forward to end this exploitation by providing the poor and the weak succour and support through national institutions so that the differential between the power of the exploiter and the weaknesses of the exploited is balanced and this, in turn, neutralizes exploitation. Pakistan has to do this if it hopes to move forward. No nation, at any time in history, has moved forward under exploitative conditions. We have already reached a point where the weak and the poor are ready to fight for their rights and betterment. They have nothing more to lose. The wind, therefore, has to be taken out from the sails of this readiness to fight and take to the streets in order to avoid a bloody revolution that might, in its wake, bring about the fragmentation of Pakistan
14 July 2009